Eggshell membrane: a ‘high potential’ ingredient for health


Did you know that a recent report of the well-known company “future Market Insights” points out that the eggshell membrane market will increase significantly in the next 10 years?

The eggshell and the membrane that is attached to it, play a vital role in the development of bird embryos, in addition to acting as a protective barrier against physical, chemical and microbiological agents, it also allows among other things, the gaseous exchange and nutrients for the embryo, guaranteeing the necessary safety conditions until it develops completely, allowing a new life to take place.

The great functionality of both, the shell and the membrane, is based on its chemical composition and its physical structure, therefore, something that plays such an important role for the miracle of life, should not be wasted. From Eggnovo, we intended through science and technology that such a treasure of nature can be used providing health benefits as an ingredient for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and food industry. Therefore, one of the purposes that Eggnovo has intended since its origin, is to keep the membrane as it is found in nature, separating it from the shell in a very efficient way, without using any type of chemical products, which means a completely natural eggshell membrane product of great purity.

Several scientific studies have shown the great effectiveness of the egg membrane as an ingredient for food supplements, in such diverse areas as bones, tendons and joint health, skin, hair and nails and several others.

In this post developed by Eggnovo, a biotechnological and nutraceutical company specialized in egg membrane based ingredients, you will find everything you need to know about this treasure of nature.


What is eggshell membrane

Eggshell membrane is the thin membrane that lies between the hard eggshell and the eggwhite of a bird’s egg. It naturally contains collagen type I, V and X, but also, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid among other glycosaminoglycans, and more than 200 different proteins, some of them rich in sulfur amino acids.

The fact they are all combined in one-naturally derived products is pretty amazing and can be used as an ingredient for nutritional eggshell membrane supplementation, cosmetics and pet nutrition with multiple benefits supported by scientific evidence for bone, tendon, joint, skin, hair and nails health and anti-aging purposes.

How is the eggshell membrane produced

There are different techniques that are used throughout the world to obtain the egg membrane. Some companies are using chemical techniques, and other ones separate the membrane physically from the hard eggshell, maintaining the native structure and composition of this treasure of nature.

If we dive deeper into this kind of physical separation, we can also find different methods in order to obtain a more pure eggshell membrane powder. At Eggnovo, using our patented method we are able to obtain the purest, 100% native and natural membrane, separating the membrane from the eggshell using only water, without any chemicals and taking care of the environment.

The potential of the eggshell membrane powder

The great environmental awareness that exists in modern society, the need to take care of natural resources, the reuse of by-products whose inertization implies high environmental costs.

In addition to the great results obtained by science in reference to the effectiveness of the egg membrane in areas as disparate as joint, gastrointestinal, osseous, tendon and skin health, make this ingredient highly potential for both present and future uses. Some of the main features of the egg membrane obtained by Eggnovo are:

Clinically proven efficacy

More than 20 clinical studies prove the efficacy of this ingredient improving the quality of life of different age people including elderlies.

Safe and chemical free

The separation method that is used by Eggnovo, using only water to obtain the product, is considered safe by the health authorities from Europe, Canada, Australia and United States authorities, among others and can be considered as chemical free as well.

One ingredient, multiple benefits

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, analgesic, cellular activator (fibroblast and chondrocyte activation), inhibitor over collagen and hyaluronic acid degrading enzymes, all these benefits of eggshell membrane can be perceived in only one natural ingredient, due to the synergy between all the natural occurring biomolecules in the eggshell membrane produced by Eggnovo.

The one and only vegetarian collagen source

Because its egg origin it can be used for the main part of vegetarians. The vegetarian diet does not include collagen-rich nourishment, because its origin is exclusively animal, so this ingredient may be the best ally to correct the lack of some essential amino acids caused by vegetarian intake. The eggshell membrane can be considered the only source of collagen suitable for vegetarians and the only one which is 100% cruelty free. The importance of collagen for the human body is huge for everyone.

What is egg membrane used for

At Eggnovo, we work hard every day to obtain the safest, purest, most natural and most effective eggshell membrane based ingredients. So, what is egg membrane used for? We have developed four different branded ingredients according to the different uses of eggshell membrane.

  • Ovomet. This product is developed to use it as a food supplement ingredient for joint health. In vitro, in vivo and clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy reducing joint pain and inflammation, cartilage regeneration, tendon elasticity improvement, among others.

  • Ovoderm. This collagen, elastin and hyaluronic rich product is able to decrease skin trans-epidermal water-loss, reduce skin fatigue, increase skin hydration and elasticity, and the skin general health condition. This beauty supplement ingredient has also shown to be an efficient skin recuperator after UV radiations.

  • Ovopet. The ultimate functional and natural ingredient for pets. It can be included in petfood, snacks and supplements for joint purposes. The clinical studies conducted using Ovopet have shown high effectivity improving joint mobility and muscle growth development, reducing inflammation and minimizing the effects of hip dysplasia, decreasing pain and lameness and improving vitality in animals.

  • Ovocet. An organic and natural source of calcium destined to improve our osseous system, increasing bone density, more bioavailable than other regular sources of calcium, and with higher added value due to the presence of certain trace elements such as strontium, magnesium, phosphorus and transport proteins.

Now you have learned about the real power of eggshell membrane, how it is obtained and which the main benefits are, you should know that Eggnovo because of our technical competence, quality level, customer support and our devotion to sustainability, we are your best partner for the foos, food-supplement, pharmaceutical, pet-food, veterinary and cosmetic companies. Also discover what are nutraceutical or more information about eggshell membrane collagen.

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