Can collagen be vegetarian?


Collagen is an animal origin protein; it is the main component of the connective tissue and the most abundant structural protein in mammalians. It can be found mainly in skin, bones, and cartilage, but always in animals. It is completely impossible to find this protein in plants. So, is it possible to find vegetarian collagen?


Vegetarian collagen supplement

Collagen is commonly used as a food supplement for different uses such use joint health, skin beauty and to improve bone density. The typical collagens that are used for food supplements usually comes from bovine, porcine, aviary, and fish, and are obtained across different chemical processes. According to the different types of collagens that are claimed in food supplements the most typical ones are collagen type I which comes from animal skin and bones, and collagen type II which comes from animal cartilage.

Collagen powder for vegetarians

According to this information there is no collagen that can be used by vegans, but what happens with vegetarians?

The main difference between both groups is that the first ones are not allowed to eat any animal origin product, and the second group cannot eat any animal, but they can eat animal origin products such as milk or egg products. Does collagen exist in milk or egg? Not in the case of milk but, there is a small treasure hidden in the egg that contains collagen, just in the thin layer that separates the eggshell from the egg white named eggshell membrane which contains around a 20-30% of collagen, and in addition there are different vegetarian collagen alternative in this special tissue, collagen type I, type V and type X can be found. So yes, eggshell membrane collagen is a vegetarian collagen.

So, the eggshell membrane can be considered as the only source of vegetarian collagen, or in a more academic way, it could be said that the eggshell membrane is the only source of collagen suitable for vegetarians. The importance of collagen in our body is indisputable, for everyone.

In short, here you have at Eggnovo, nutraceutical ingredients supplier, a product that in addition to being the only source of vegetarian collagen, that provides different types of collagen (I, V and X) among other functional biomolecules, is a completely natural health supplement product obtained through a patented process. It is also respects the environment and has proven its great effectiveness in joint, skin and bone areas, and can be used as a food supplement ingredient.

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