Benefits of eggshell membrane


The eggshell membrane, according to its natural composition, is a very interesting product to use as a natural source of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and other key biomolecules.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this product in different areas such as joints, bones and skin, so there are a lot of uses of eggshell membrane. To obtain this product it is necessary to separate it from the eggshells, as it is completely stucked to the shell. The separation process is crucial to maintain his whole potential. A pure and high quality eggshell membrane can be the best ally to make feel younger and more active.

In this post of Eggnovo,a nutraceutical company, we tell you all the benefits of eggshell membrane: from improving the skin to caring for, protecting the joints and what is egg membrane good for.


Eggshell membrane and its properties

A high quality eggshell membrane, that maintains all its biomolecules without being denatured because of an aggressive production system, contains more than 400 different proteins with a wide variety of functionalities.

Considering the theoretical functionalities of the proteins that make up the membrane, it is necessary to know if the membrane is really capable of maintaining these properties, in this regard the realization of in vitro studies including egg membrane in the culture medium of different cell lines will give us the answer of whether those expected functionalities really occur or not.

Once the functionalities that the membrane has are known, it is necessary to check if after the ingestion by humans, they continue existing and what benefits they cause on the human body.

Therefore, rather than talking about generic properties of the membrane, we should talk about the properties of the different membranes in particular, each membrane should have both an in-depth analytical study and subsequent in vitro and effectiveness studies carried out in humans and animals.

According to the results obtained through different studies, the eggshell membrane has shown the following key properties that explain the excellent results observed after its ingestion in humans.

  • Antioxidant activity.
  • Cellular activation.
  • Extracellular matrix synthesis.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Proteolytic activity reduction.
  • Regenerative and healing effect.

Natural egg membrane benefits

Due to the above mentioned properties the eggshell membrane produced by Eggnovo has shown, numerous beneficial effects have been detected in different areas both in humans and in animals. These are some of the natural egg membrane benefits:

Skin area

Different clinical studies carried out using Ovoderm, our eggshell membrane for beauty, have demonstrated big improvements not only in beauty topics such as elasticity, hydration, brightness, wrinkle reduction, anti-aging effect, but also regarding skin health.

Eggshell membrane improves the skin barrier function which means a greater protection of the skin´s inner layers against external pernicious agents (pollution, UV rays, microbiological agents…) and greater difficulty for the loss of hydration of these inner layers. This improvement of the bidirectional shield implies a more turgid, supple, and more luminous skin appearance, but above all, a much healthier and younger skin.

Our eggshell membrane is not only able to protect the skin against UV rays due to the improvement of the skin barrier function, but we have also seen how it is able to recover the skin after extreme UV radiations, reducing the skin inflammation and roughness, increasing new collagen production, skin moisture and hydration.

Joint area

In humans, the main eggshell benefits of Ovomet, our eggshell membrane for joint purposes, have been shown in two different profiles, sport practitioners and elderlies. In the first group, joint health improvement implies a decrease in the risk of injury, a shortening in the recovery time and therefore an improvement in performance. In the second group, our eggshell membrane decreases joint stiffness improving the functionality and decreasing joint pain as well, therefore, elderlies can improve their autonomy in terms of mobility, increasing their quality of life.

In animals, specifically in dogs and horses, different trials with Ovopet, have shown huge benefits in joint inflammation reduction, in lameness improvements, in limb flexion and extension rates, increasing their mobility, behavior and mood.

Eggnovo, innovative products

So, what is egg membrane used for? Eggnovo has developed different branded eggshell membrane ingredients to use in different areas, such as:

  • Ovomet. This product is a food supplement ingredient for joint health. According to the numerous studies carried out with Ovomet, only intaking 300 milligrams per day, the joint pain and stiffness are reduced, and the joint functionality is highly increased after only a few days of treatment. In fact, Canadian Health authorities allow the following claims for Ovomet: “Helps to reduce joint pain in knee osteoarthritis as early as 5 days”, “starts to help reduce osteoarthritic joint pain as early as 5 days”, among others. These special benefits make Ovomet one of the best products to improve mobility problems in elderlies, allowing them to increase their physical activity and consequently their quality of life. Sport practitioners are another target population to use Ovomet due to the eggshell benefits that different studies have shown not only in joints, reducing pain and stiffens, but also improving the elasticity of the tendons, reducing the risk of injury, shortening recovery times and improving their performance
  • Ovoderm. One of the best branded ingredients for skin, hair, and nails food supplements. A collagen and hyaluronic acid based ingredient which is the only one that can be consumed by vegetarians. Due to its antioxidant activity, skin anti-inflammatory properties, regenerative and healing activity, skin cells (fibroblasts) activation function, and elastin and collagen degrading enzyme inactivation capability, the supplementation with only 300 mg is able to increase skin hydration and elasticity, in addition to decrease wrinkles and spots, showing a huge anti-aging effect. According to the latest studies, Ovoderm is highly effective to protect and to recover skin after UV exposure.
  • Ovopet. The ultimate ingredient to use in pet food, snacks and supplements to get healthy pets and happy owners. With a scientifically proven dose dependent effect, it is the perfect ingredient to improve pets joint health. Dogs with hip dysplasia have decreased their hip inflammation measured by sonographies, around 50% in only 40 days, improving their mood and behavior significantly. This branded ingredient is especially recommended for geriatric animals, for large breed puppies, for breeds with predisposition to develop dysplasia, for competition animals, and to recover after orthopedic surgeries.
  • Ovocet. The perfect branded ingredient to develop supplements for bone health purposes. It is a natural source of calcium with higher bioavailability rates than the regular ones, but with additional minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, strontium, and some collagen and glycosaminoglycans. This special and natural composition makes this product unique, because it provides both the mineral and organic matrix that is needed for correct bone growth and development. Ovocet is a great solution to increase bone density to minimize the effects produced by osteoporosis, and to shorten the time needed for bones welding after fractures.

Now that you know all the eggshell benefits, at Eggnovo, a company that develops functional branded ingredients based on eggshell for the food/feed, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry, we have the know-how to produce quality ingredients naturally, sustainability and on a large scale.

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