How nutritional supplements based on eggshell membrane can reach better results reducing the dose


Following a correct and balanced diet and having healthy lifestyle habits are undoubtedly the key for our body to be in a correct state of health. The exaggerated use of certain medications, in addition to the damages that can be produced by self-medication, has caused a significant increase in dietary supplements consumption. It should be remembered again that a supplement can never replace a medicine, however they can improve certain areas of our body acting as a kind of health supplement.

In this post developed by Eggnovo, a biotechnological and nutraceutical company specialized in egg membrane ingredientes, we will explain how eggshell-based products can reach better results with a minimum dose.


What are nutritional supplements

The aim of nutritional supplements is not to cure diseases, it is to provide the body with elements that are not contributed in a sufficient quantity by the diet. This can be due to an unhealthy diet or due to specific circumstances that even when having a healthy diet, the needs of our body are higher. For example, vegetarian diets do not contain animal origin proteins, involving a deficiency in some very particular amino acids, such as hydroxyproline, which is only found in animal origin proteins and more specifically in collagen. In this case, an eggshell membrane supplement could be the only way for vegetarians to balance this lack of collagen.

Why are the required doses for eggshell membrane supplements so low to be effective?

It should not be forgotten that nature has been the main supplier of ingredients for the manufacturing of medicine for centuries, however, in recent times many of the molecules used in medicine are generated in laboratories. The medicine in their formulation, usually contain a single active ingredient, on the other hand, natural nutritional supplements are usually complex matrixes formed by a wide variety of active ingredients but each of them are usually found in smaller quantities, which implies that the needed doses to be ingested are much higher in the case of supplements than in the case of medicine.

There are a few cases, such as the eggshell membrane, in which its active ingredients act in a synergistic way, it means that each one reinforces the effect of the others, producing with only a minimum intake, a huge number of benefits. The key point of the eggshell membrane is that it is a natural matrix composed by hundreds of bioactive protein molecules with infinit physiological functionalities which can activate lots of different kind of cells in the organism, producing greater effects than those produced by other better-known ingredients such as collagen or even chondroitin and glucosamine.

At Eggnovo, the exclusive patented technology we used, allowed us to obtain a natural high purity eggshell membrane which contains more than 400 bioactive proteins. More than twenty in vitro, in vivo, and clinical studies conducted using our food supplement ingredients, have shown that the intake of only 300 mg per day of Eggnovo’s eggshell membrane can produce statistical significant improvements in joint, cartilage and tendon health, as well as great improvements in the structure of the skin that involve changes in its physical appearance and health. After almost 10 years of research carried out by Eggnovo, we can not only quantify the benefits of eggshell membrane, but also find the way in which these dietary supplement ingredients act in the body knowing their mechanisms of action.

As a conclusion of this post, we can say that according to scientific evidence, the intake of Eggnovo´s eggshell membrane, in a dose of only 300 mg per day, similar even to a medicinal dose, it produces better effects and in less time, than those obtained with 5-20 fold higher doses of other health supplements with the same purpose.

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