Why you should choose the eggshell membrane over other collagen-rich products


Collagen is an animal origin protein and is the main component of the connective tissue and the most abundant structural protein in mammalians. This protein can only be found in animals, it is not present in plants, so there is no plant origin collagen. Do not be fooled!

Did you know that collagen represents more than 25% of the total proteins in the human body? It is an essential component in our body that helps the organism to function properly.

In this post from Eggnovo, a nutraceutical company which develops and produces innovative, natural, sustainable and highly effective raw materials for food, food supplement, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, will tell you everything you need to know about our eggshell membrane and why it is the preferred ingredient rich in collagen.

What is collagen and what is it used for

Collagen plays a dominant role maintaining the structural integrity of different organs and tissues, providing flexibility, strength and elasticity among others.

Collagen is mostly found in cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, blood vessels and teeth. Collagen production in the human body is not always the same, there are different diseases that can cause significant decreases in the collagen production, but even naturally, the age itself causes endogenous collagen production reductions. The importance of collagen is huge.

To minimize the lack of collagen and to balance the collagen loss in the human body, many healthcare professionals and experts insist on the need to use food supplements to improve and boost new endogenous collagen production in order to avoid loss of bone mass, cartilage degradation, joint tenderness, skin wrinkles, among other symptoms.

  • Collagen in bones. The bone matrix is built up in minerals (65%) and collagen (35%). The minerals provide the stiffness and the collagen fibers provide the ductility and the toughness. Alterations of collagen properties can therefore affect the mechanical properties of bones and increase fracture susceptibility.
  • Collagen in skin. It is probably the key molecule in the skin, it helps the skin to stay hydrated and protected from external agents such as the sun, pollution or cold. Collagen reduces wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks, as well as prevents and slows the signs of aging in the skin. It also reduces acne marks thanks to its healing properties and helps in wound healing. Collagen also fights facial flaccidity and cellulite.
  • Collagen in joints. It plays an important role in all the different structures that make up the joint such as, cartilage, bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Cartilage collagen is vital for the pressure and impact absorption in joints.
  • Collagen in nails and hair. Together with keratin, is a crucial component for the hair follicle and nail plate structure and besides from its constructive properties, its antioxidative properties protects the follicle and the nail plate cells from the destructive damage of reactive oxygen restoring the dermal structure and improving nail and hair growth rates.

Collagen sources

There are different techniques that are used throughout the world to obtain the egg membrane. Some companies are using chemical techniques, and other ones separate the membrane physically from the hard eggshell, maintaining the native structure and composition of this treasure of nature.

If we dive deeper into this kind of physical separation, we can also find different methods in order to obtain a more pure eggshell membrane powder. At Eggnovo, using our patented method we are able to obtain the purest, 100% native and natural membrane, separating the membrane from the eggshell using only water, without any chemicals and taking care of the environment.

The potential of the eggshell membrane powder

Collagen is the sole most profuse protein in the animal kingdom and it is absent in plants and unicellular organism. Although collagen sources are abundant, the outbreak of varied diseases among land animals, different cultural and even religious issues, pose a threat to its utilization in our daily life.

Therefore there has been a search for alternative sources that has resulted in the use of fish as a source of collagen and even, in order to include collagen in vegetarian diets, the eggshell membrane has become the most attractive and highly effective source of vegetarian collagen full of benefits.


It is one of the biggest industrial sources of collagen, it is obtained industrially mainly from the skin, bones and tendons of cows, using chemical processes. One of the great disadvantages of bovine collagen is that nearly 3% of human population is allergic to it.

Another negative point is the outbreaks of various diseases such as BSE, TSE and especially mad cow disease that can be transmitted to humans, which consequently pose a real threat to humans.


This source is also widely used by the collagen production industry. The collagen is obtained chemically from the skin and bones of pigs. As the pig collagen is quite similar to the human collagen, it does not cause much allergic response when used, but there are still some disease risks for humans in addition to other religious considerations.


Currently, marine is one of the safest sources to obtain collagen due to lower inflammatory and immunogenic responses than land animal origin collagen, and the lack of diseases which can cause health complications.

The skin, bones, and scales of fishes are mainly used to obtain collagen, but in the same way as with the other mentioned sources, different chemical procedures are needed to make the digestion of the original tissue in order to remove non-collagenous proteins and pigments, so the collagen obtention methods can be considered non-chemical free

Eggshell membrane

Eggnovo has developed a 100% natural and chemical free ingredient, using a patented method in which one only water and mechanical forces are used, with a very low environmental impact.

This is the only source of collagen that does not involve animal suffering, and the only one that does not come from dead animals. It can also be considered as the only multi-collagen natural source because in a natural way collagen type I, type V and Type X can be found. In addition to the presence of collagen in the eggshell membrane, there are also significant amounts of, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, elastin, lysozyme, keratin among others. Various recent studies have shown the high effectiveness of the eggshell membrane intake on joint health, cartilage regeneration, skin hair and nail health and appearance.

Eggshell membrane collagen is very low in autoimmune and allergic reactions as well as high in biosafety and is of similar characteristics to other mammalian collagen, so after the outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), foot and mouth disease and other allergenic problems, which involved restrictions on collagen uses from these sources, the eggshell membrane has been post-labeled as a more than interesting source of collagen full of possibilities.

Why eggshell membrane the best option is

The intake of eggshell membrane has proven to be very beneficial in different health and beauty areas such as joints, bones, tendons, gut, skin, hair and nail among others.

The eggshell membrane ingredients produced by Eggnovo is a completely natural product obtained by the physical separation of the membrane that is firmly adhered to the eggshell, maintaining the native structure and composition as it is in the nature.

In addition to the numerous health-related benefits of eggshell membrane, we want to highlight the following specific ones for the membrane produced by Eggnovo:

  • Promotes circular economy. The management of large amounts of eggshell waste annually produced in the world is problematic as generally this material is only disposed at landfills with odor production and microbial growth. On the contrary, significant environmental and economic advantages could be obtained transforming this biowaste into new value-added products, such as the obtention of the eggshell membrane manufactured here at Eggnovo.
  • Lower dose, higher benefit. The eggshell membrane we produce at Eggnovo is characterized by its high purity and by the large amount of bioactive substances present in it, in addition to collagen, due to the patented production method that we use. This main characteristic has shown faster health benefits than other collagens, better results and only using 300 mg per day, much lower doses than those recommended for the collagen (10 g) as well as almost a half dose what other competing eggshell membrane in the market recommend.
  • Vegetarian collagen source. As it comes from an animal source it cannot be considered suitable for vegans, but due to its origin (egg), this collagen source can be considered the only source of collagen suitable for vegetarians.

There are some eating habits, such as vegetarians, based on diets with a certain lack of amino acids such as hydroxyproline that are only present in animal origin proteins. It can be compensated by taking eggshell membrane supplements rich in collagen such as those produced by Eggnovo, world’s leading manufacturer of ingredients derived from eggshell membrane for joint and health purposes. Discover also the different uses of eggshell membrane or what are natural supplements.

If you are interested in our innovative ingredients derived from eggshell membrane, do not doubt in accessing our website, where you can discover what are nutraceuticals.