Eggshell membrane uses


Eggshell membrane is a very attractive ingredient that improves collagen content in the body, increasing new collagen production and decreasing its degradation.

Eggnovo’s eggshell membrane it is build up for more than 400 different proteins including collagen type I, V and X, elastin and other type of molecules such as hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate, and glucosamine, among others. This complex and capricious composition explains the large number of functionalities that have been detected in the eggshell membrane across the different in vitro and in vivo studies conducted by Eggnovo.

This innovative, natural and environmentally sustainable branded ingredient can be used for nutracosmetics, food supplements and functional food that pursue benefits in areas as diverse as joint and bone health, rejuvenation and protection of skin, hair and nails.

The different studies carried out using our ingredient have allowed us to find various applications or uses for which the membrane has shown very high effectiveness. It will be a pleasure for Eggnovo, as a nutraceutical company specialized in eggshell membrane, to tell you everything you need to know about our branded ingredients.


Eggshell membrane applications

Our 100% natural eggshell membrane based ingredients has shown:

  • High antioxidant activity, even more than green tea, a universally known antioxidant.
  • Anti inflammatory effect, reducing the blood levels of the most typical inflammatory markers such as IL-1, TNF alfa, NO a reducing the gen expression of inflammatory proteins in pathologic cells.
  • Cellular activation, increasing fibroblast, chondrocytes and osteoblast activity, producing new collagen and hyaluronic acid skin, muscle, tendon and joints, and improving new bone information.
  • Healing and regeneration activity, in both superficial skin lesions and internal tissue injuries, which implies a shortening of recovery times from tendon and muscle injuries.
  • Proteolytic activity reduction, inhibiting the action of proteins that destroy collagen and elastin, among others.
  • Extracellular matrix synthesis, increasing the production of new collagen and hyaluronic acid.

All these functions can be easily explained by the different proteins detected by a profound proteomic study of the eggshell membrane produced by Eggnovo, and can easily explain all the benefits of eggshell membrane that have been observed in the more than 20 clinical studies developed to date using our eggshell membrane supplements, in different areas such as:

  • Joint pain reduction in only five days.
  • Joint inflammation decreases.
  • Cartilage protection.
  • Tendon elasticity improvement.
  • Muscle recovery shortening.
  • Athlete performance improvement.
  • Bone health enhancement.
  • Skin anti aging effect and wrinkle reduction.
  • Hair and nail general improvement.
  • Anti hair loss effect.
  • Skin anti pigmentation effect.
  • Skin elasticity improvement.
  • Skin health improvement.
  • Skin trans epidermal water loss reduction.
  • Sun damage skin recovery.

According to all these observed benefits, the egg membrane powder produced by Eggnovo is highly recommended for joint tendon and bone health both in animals and humans, and for the skin, hair and nail care.

Eggshell membrane powder applications 1

Eggnovo, natural eggshell membrane uses

Eggnovo’s eggshell membrane is 100% natural. Obtained across a patented method, using only water and mechanical forces, chemical free and respecting both its natural structure and natural composition in order to obtain a product as it is found in nature to keep its full potential intact. The resulting product is a powder that can easily be used in tablets, capsules, gummies and other formats for food supplements and in powder form as an ingredient in functional foods. Due to the low daily recommended dose (300 milligrams), mixed with other ingredients, it can be also used in powder form to mix with water or other liquids at the intaking time.

All the recommended uses including the daily dose are based exclusively on all the studies behind the eggshell membrane produced by Eggnovo (Ovomet, Ovoderm and Ovopet). Other products in the market are fully or partially hydrolyzed, meaning that some chemicals are added and therefore the native eggshell membrane has been chemically altered, additionally in order to withdraw the added chemicals, different purification steps are included in their production processes, loosing the added chemicals but other eggshell active components as well. This is considered a natural health supplement ingredient.

  • Ovomet for joints and tendons. A fast-acting ingredient suitable for vegetarians that has been developed specifically for joint and tendon health. Only 300 mg per day for joint pain reduction in only five days. Ovomet is a ingredient for joints and tendons supplements, naturally composed of eggshell membrane collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and elastin; and other essential biomolecules to maintain joint and tendon health. Multiple studies demonstrate the efficacy of this innovative ingredient.
  • Ovoderm for skin, hair and nails. Holistic beauty care in a single ingredient. Ovoderm is characterised for skin, hair and nails. As the skin ages, the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is reduced, resulting in less firm and drier skin, Ovoderm is the ideal ingredient for beauty products, reversing the signs of aging. A perfect component suitable for vegetarians for developing new formulations in the nutricosmetic area.
  • Ovopet for pets. The ultimate in pet nutrition, it is the best way to maintain the joint and coat health of pets and other animals such as horses, as a powerful ingredient for making new formulations in the pet food, snacks and supplement industry. Ovopet is a pet supplement that has been clinically proven to reduce joint pain and inflammation, to improve joint mobility and functionality increasing animal’s activity, to reduce lameness and to protect skin and fur.
  • Ovocet for bones. Thanks to Ovocet, an organic and sustainable source of carbonated calcium (CaC03) plus other trace minerals such as strontium, phosphorus, magnesium with high bioavailability rates, that increases bone formation and improves bone density. A highly natural branded ingredient for food supplements and functional food to keep our bones healthy. supplement to keep our bones healthy.

Now that you know the uses that eggshell membranes can have, at Eggnovo, as a nutraceutical company, we develop functional branded ingredients based on eggshell for the food/feed, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

If you need further information about our eggshell membrane based branded ingredients, please visit our new website and discover nutraceutical products.