Why it’s important to take natural supplements for bones and joints


More and more people are taking food and dietary supplements to improve their joint, tendon, bones, and skin health. There are different options in the market, depending on the needs of each person. Before incorporating the use of food supplements in our daily lives, we should take into account some issues.

Eggnovo, as a nutraceutical company, through the following post will guide you in the nutraceutical ingredient world to clarify some key points about bone and joint supplements.


The importance of natural supplements

As mentioned above, there are plenty of food/dietary supplement ingredients on the market. We can distinguish between natural and synthetic ones. However, what is the difference between them? Natural supplements ingredients are those that have been taken directly or extracted from the nature. On the other hand, synthetic ones are those which have been created through chemical processes such as synthesis or fermentation.

Natural supplements are considered a healthy way to enrich our diet, either because it can be deficient at certain times or because our body, under certain circumstances may require an extra contribution of some elements.

At Eggnovo, we consider that although a natural supplement ingredient has a natural origin, and keeps all its original properties completely intact, the perfect natural supplement ingredient, in addition, should be obtained without causing any harm to the organism from which it comes and to the environment.

Natural ingredients in supplements

Although natural ingredients, both from plant and animal origin have been used for ages, in the near past there has been a wrong tendency to create and consume artificial products due to the belief that the technological complexity of these products implied a greater efficiency. Today, the use of natural ingredients is back.

As well as in food and in the food supplement / dietary industry, new trends for the intake of less processed products are coming. The science is increasingly striving to find new benefits in the consumption of natural products being even more respectful with both animals and the environment.

The need to convince both, specialists, and consumers, makes supplement companies to pay more and more attention to demonstrate the benefits of their products scientifically. In recent years there are already food supplements whose ingredients have a high level of scientifically proven evidence even comparable to medicines.

One of the areas in which natural products have been developed with a very high scientific endorsement, is the joint health area, probably because the drugs used in this area are not entirely effective and they also have several side effects.

Among the natural ingredients that are commonly used today, it is worth mentioning those from vegetable origin: Curcumin, Bamboo, Boswellia, and those from animal origin, collagen. In this group there is a very special one, the eggshell membrane origin collagen, which in addition to three different types of collagen (I, V and X) contains more than 400 other proteins. One of the main differences is that is a vegetarian collagen, the only one.

Eggnovo, bone and joint supplements

After years of working, innovating, and learning, at Eggnovo we have acquired the expertise to produce through patented processes, 100% natural, environmentally sustainable, large-scale ingredients from eggshell membrane origin. Always with very high purity and efficacy, with the aim to protect bones, joints, tendons, cartilage, etc.

Ovomet is one of our products to use as an effective and natural ingredient in food and dietary supplements. It is pure and native eggshell membrane with proven results and backed by numerous scientific publications.

Pain relieve, cartilage protection, mobility improvement, stiffness reduction are some of the eggshell membrane benefits that Ovomet has shown for joint health. In terms of tendon health, Ovomet helps to strengthen tendons and improve their elasticity decreasing the risk of injuries.

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