About us

A proactive, innovative culture is part of our DNA

We founded Eggnovo with the commitment to bring nature, sustainability and science together in order to investigate the full potential of these unique ingredients, egg membrane and calcium.

A commitment based on 3 pillars


Because we believe in the power of nature in its purest form, we obtain eggshell membrane & calcium, maintaining its native structure, avoiding any chemicals, and using resources responsible.


Inspired by the wisdom of nature where all its resources are valuable, where and there is no concept of waste. We recycle eggshells, giving them a new life and turning them into extraordinary ingredients to maintain the balance between science, sustainability, and nature in a friendly environment.

Real circular economy


The passion and dedication in continuously doing research, acquiring and applying new
knowledge, to develop ingredients based on patented processes in the most natural and sustainable way, using science to do good.

Eggnovo, innovative by nature